TEVA Pharmaceuticals Industries 


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

2006 – 2009

The project was executed in a working plant at full production and capacity.

Stainless steel piping

Steam system installation


TEVA Pharmaceuticals Industries


Combe executed the following work within this project:

Supply and installation of gas piping systems: oxygen, nitrogen, breathing air, helium (stainless steel piping).

Sanitation, sewage and drainage, steam system, sprinklers system, treated water, heated and chilled water.

The work on the site was carried out under constant pressing schedule requirements, during non-routine working ours, all in order to bring the project to completion in an efficient and timely manner, while maintaining high quality standards. 

Special equipment and craftsmanship tools: scaffolding, ladders.

Safety highlights: “Living Plant” environment. Execution of the labor was performed alongside with the plant’s ongoing production. Risk assessment and management was implemented to ensure that connectivity to existing pipelines was at all times coordinated and authorized in writing to suit all the existing plant equipment.

Execution at high altitudes: steam system pipelines were lifted using cranes and installed on top of the plant roof.  

“In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company’s project sites.

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