Our Journey​

“In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company project sites.

Our reputation of unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to strive, dare and constantly improve every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations.

Anyone can be an expert in a single industry field.

Combe is the only company, in the Israeli market, able to provide professional solutions for all forms of industrial piping systems; Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, Energy Rooms, Food & Beverage Factories, Pharmaceuticals, Research Laboratories, Microelectronics, Operating Rooms, Infrastructure, Power Stations, Natural Gas, Water Treatment, Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems. 

Anyone can be an expert in a single industrial field.

Combe is the only company, in the Israeli market, able to provide professional solutions for all types of industrial piping systems; Hospitals, energy rooms, food factories, pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, microelectronics, operating rooms, infrastructure, power stations, natural gas, water treatment, fire detection and extinguishing systems.  

Our Projects ​

Selected Industry Projects 

We are the leading Israel’s private piping contractor with unparalleled accumulated years of experience. We cover all fields of the industry and provide full turnkey services - design, planning, management, construction, complete execution and maintenance of sophisticated piping systems. 

Our capabilities include: production lines construction, equipment assembly, process piping, energy systems, production support systems, plumbing, fire protection, sewage and many more.    

We are one of the only contractors to possess this wide scope of capabilities and able to supply professional and viable solutions to all forms of piping systems, as well as to all types of facilities, including, Factories, Power Stations, Oil Terminals, Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals, Education Facilities and Universities, Laboratories and Research Facilities, Microelectronics Laboratories and more.  

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פרוייקטים בבתי חולים | קומבה

Healthcare Centers & Facilities 

 After ten decades of successfully delivering countless healthcare projects within hospitals and healthcare facilities, we stand strongly committed to further expand our knowledge and experience in order to meet the industry strict requirements.

Our capabilities include planning and assembly of: energy rooms and vacuum systems, medical air compressors, centralized oxygen, medical pipeline systems, sanitary piping, gas pipelines and more.    

Notable Clients: Wolfson Medical Center, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Assuta Hospital, Ziv Medical Center, Hadassah Medical Center, Soroka Medical Center, Meir Medical Center, Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Emek Medical Center and many more.

Energy Rooms

Combe’s extensive experience, along with strong geographically spread collaborations, enables us to perform some of the most demanding and sophisticated projects. We integrate advanced design and engineering methods to enhance performance and achieve first class quality results.    

Our capabilities include: tailor made energy rooms fabrication, water treatment tanks erection, hydronic systems, water cooling/ heating pipelines, sewage and drainage structures, osmosis systems, hot water production rooms and many more.    

חדר אנרגיה | קומבה
תעשיית מזון ומשקאות | קומבה

 Food & Beverage Facilities

Combe’s objective has always been to provide top level performance and execution to our clients. Our daring innovative solutions, as well as cutting edge technology and equipment are our tools to achieve this objective.

Our capabilities include: production lines construction, equipment assembly, food piping systems installation, energy and production support system erection, tubes, piping and plumbing, fire detection and extinguishing, sewage and much more.

Notable Clients:  Strauss Group, Osem Group, Prigat, Rushdie Food & Beverage Industries, Stybel Flour Mills, Meir & Bagel Industries, Dagan Flour Mills, Yavne Pickles and many more.

Clean Rooms

When a client chooses Combe for clean rooms construction, not only do they benefit from Combe’s extensive knowledge and expertise, but also from Combe’s proven and irreplaceable experience, resulting from ten decades of continuous quality clean rooms construction.

Our capabilities include: construction and relocation of clean rooms, flexible PVC piping systems supply and installation, aluminum surface assembly, filtering system fabrication, excess room pressure, measurement systems validation, room opacity and blowers intensity testing and much more.  

Notable Clients: Various High-Tech Corporations.

חדר נקי | קומבה
מפעלים | קומבה

Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Our team specializes in understanding our clients’ needs and supplying top engineering solutions tailored to the client industry, while implementing proven design and planning processes.

Our capabilities include: erection and construction of production lines, replacement and renovation of equipment, detection and extinguishing systems installation, disassembly, relocation and assembly, ongoing maintenance and much more.  


Notable Clients: Strauss Group, The Alliance Tire Company, Tnuva, Tirat Zvi, Dr. Fischer and others. 

Natural Gas

A branched piping system spreads out across all parts of the country to supply natural gas. Combe possesses the knowledge of how to connect Hospitals, Manufacturing Facilities and large-scale natural gas consumers to natural gas supply systems. Combe has gained proven experience converting diverse Factories to natural gas supply. Our qualified teams consist of professional welders, as well as welding engineers and inspectors, all certified and authorized by the necessary authorities.  

When facing the challenge of converting to environmentally non-polluting natural gas supply on a regular basis, Combe is at your service to consult and execute. Notable Clients: PRMS Nesher Ramla, Tzafit Power Station, Agan Chemicals, Rotem Natural Gas Corporation. 

Converted Facilities: ICL Group - Rotem Amfret, Dead Sea Priclass,  Hadera Paper Facility

צנרת גז טבעי | קומבה
תשתיות | קומבה

Infrastructure ​

Combe’s timely completion and top quality projects delivery, while maintaining client transparency, are the cornerstones for the long lasting relationships we have established with our loyal clients, who have entrusted us with their ventures time and time again. We apply these practices to all the fields in which we operate and understand the importance of professional and safe craftsmanship when it comes to infrastructure.

Our capabilities include: structural infrastructure, heavy-duty plumbing installation, infrastructure shift and tilting, sewage and drainage systems, natural gas delivery solutions and more. 

Notable Clients: TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Kfar Saba, Barzilai University Medical Center, large-scale infrastructure projects in Guinea and many more.  

Power Generation 

When it comes to massive power generation construction, we pride ourselves in employing reliable and dedicated people who constitute a significant and unparalleled added value, upon which we rely in our decision-making processes and when tackling challenges. 

Our capabilities include: power station erection, complex piping construction, cooling water systems installation, welding and steam techniques.

Notable Clients:  Nesher Israel Cement Enterprise – The Ramla Power Plant, Power Stations in Gabon, Negev Energy – Ashalim Power Station, Tzofit Power Station. 

תחנות כוח | קומבה
שינוע מפעלים | קומבה

Industrial Facility & Data Center Relocation​

When a Factory, Plant or an Industrial Facility is in need to relocate we are ever-ready for the job to be done quickly and efficiently.  

Our reputation of unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to strive, dare and constantly improve every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations. 

Our capabilities include: disassembly, heavy machinery and industrial parts lift, secure transportation and safe assembly at designated destination.

Notable Clients: The Alliance Tire Company, Intel Data Center Solutions and many more.

Fire Protection 

It is our privilege to be able to execute our clients’ ventures. Thus, each and every one of our clients’ tasks is handled with extreme importance and sensitivity, by our hundreds of devoted employees, day and night, for one hundred consecutive years. The fire protection sector is no different. We provide professional and reliable solutions for all types of fire detection and protection projects. 

Our capabilities include planning, design and execution of: sprinklers, fire detection and extinguishing systems.

Notable Clients: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Osem Group, Dexcel Pharma and many more. 

מערכות כיבוי אש | קומבה

Founded in 1922, in Berlin, Germany  by Hubert Combe, Combe’s rich company history is deeply entwined with the Combe unique family history and shares the family characteristics of passion and devotion. Over 95 years ago, Combe Family underwent a complete conversion process to set its roots in Israel, to support the Israeli emerging Industry and establish the Combe Corporation, a professional and innovative engineering contractor and a leader in its field​

Our History​

Combe is a privately owned family corporation. For ten straight decades we have successfully  provided turnkey solutions for the overall piping industry, including, planning, design, management, and execution of large-scale projects, as well as construction of sophisticated piping systems and innovative process lines in healthcare centers, power stations, production facilities and many others, across all fields and sectors.   ​

Who We Are​

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