טקס עובדים ותיקים | קומבה

At a beautiful ceremony, all Combe's veteran employees received smart TV's. 


שטיבל חיפה | קומבה

​Successful project completion is at hand – Rosen Medical Center, Afula  

שטיבל חיפה | קומבה

​Steady progress – Stybel Flour Mills, Haifa ​

שטיבל חיפה | קומבה

Soroka Medical Center Eye Clinic – is up and running   ​

שטיבל חיפה | קומבה

Heavy lifting at the Stybel Flour Mills, Haifa Project​

רוזן מדיקל סנטר | קומבה

The Medical Center Friendly Afula Clinic is at its final construction stages​

בית החולים סורוקה | קומבה

Piping installations at the Soroka Madeical Center, as part of the Eye Clinic project​

בית החולים איכילוב | קומבה

Successful handover of the I LIVE Ichilov Residential Towers. We are proud to be part of a project with great importance.  ​

בית החולים הדסה עין כרם | קומבה

Combe provides support in a sustaining role at the Hadassa Medical Center, Jerusalem Facility and Ein Karem Facility. ​

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** September 2017 - Total budget 200 million NIS for approximately 700 work days, 29 floors, 300 apartments, 7 parking floors with 500 parking spaces etc. We were happy to take part in this important project at the Ichilov Towers - Tel Aviv Medical Center, which ended in September 2017 * * The Afula Friendly Medical Center project will also be completed soon. ** Currently, a project is being carried out at Soroka Medical Center as part of the construction of a new ophthalmology clinic at the site ** Currently, a project is being carried out which includes assembling equipment and piping at the Stiebel facility in the Haifa Bay **

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