Who We Are​

Combe is a privately owned family corporation. For ten straight decades we have successfully  provided turnkey solutions for the overall piping industry, including, planning, design, management, and execution of large-scale projects, as well as construction of sophisticated piping systems and innovative process lines in healthcare centers, power plants, production facilities and many others, across all fields and sectors.

אודות | קומבה

Combe’s story begins in 1922, shortly after World War I in Berlin, Germany, where Ervin Comber founded his first piping and electrical supplies workshop.

Since then and for the four consecutive generations to come, both in Israel and Berlin, Combe family set out to nurture, optimize and expand its expertise and fields of activity to achieve its highly advanced capabilities, worldwide.  

עבודות צנרת | קומבה
הנדסת צנרת | קומבה

Today, almost a hundred years later, Comber is Israel’s leading contractor in the industry. Combe masters engineering, management and execution of large-scale projects, including hospitals, power plants, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical facilities and sophisticated production line systems. 

Despite its size, Combe has maintained its nature of family business buy constantly cultivating, training and empowering its employees, while recruiting experienced and professional people who share our family values of dedication and responsibility.

חדר נקי | קומבה

For ten decades Combe has continued to successfully deliver countless unique and challenging engineering projects, across all sectors in which the company operates. Combe is committed to carry on broadening capabilities and knowledge within all fields of the industry, in order to continue and provide unmatched service and solutions.​

מערכות כיבוי אש | קומבה

Combe’s extensive experience, along with strong geographically spread collaborations, enables us to perform some of the most demanding and sophisticated piping systems. We integrate advanced engineering methods to enhance performance and achieve first class quality results.    

Combe’s objective has always been to provide top level performance and execution to our clients. Our daring innovative solutions, as well as cutting edge technology and equipment are our tools to achieve this objective.

בטיחות בעבודה | קומבה

One of our greatest assets is our employees, who have been Combe’s firm foundation throughout four generations. We pride ourselves in employing reliable and dedicated people who constitute a significant and unparalleled added value, upon which we rely in our decision-making processes and when tackling challenges.  ​

Combe is committed to ensure high standards of safety management and regulations for both employees and clients.

Quality control and auditing of planning and execution procedures are regularly performed in accordance with the project-specific system type, as well as full coordination and collaboration with the client.

Quality and Safety​

Anyone can be an expert in a single industrial field.

Combe is the only company, in the Israeli market, able to provide professional solutions for all form of industrial piping systems; Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, Energy Rooms, Food & Beverage Factories, Pharmaceuticals, Research Laboratories, Microelectronics, Operating Rooms, Infrastructure, Power Plants, Natural Gas, Water Treatment, Fire Detection and Extinguishing systems.  

Our Projects ​

“In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company’s project sites.

Our reputation of unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to strive, dare and constantly improve every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations

Our Capabilities​

Combe practices an open door policy and fluent communication between all levels of employees. We believe that proactive involvement of employees enhances dedication, improves performance and most importantly, contributes to their personal development. Furthermore, this approach insures continuous flow and generation of new ideas, which after careful examinations are implemented by our organization and are key to our success.

Combe’s timely completion and top quality projects delivery, while maintaining client transparency through our passion for efficient service, are the cornerstones for the long lasting relationships we have established with our loyal clients, who have entrusted us with their ventures time and time again. 

At Combe we understand that our reputation of unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to keep striving, daring and constantly improving every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations. 

When a client chooses Combe to build their project or provide them with a service, not only do they benefit from Combe’s extensive knowledge, expertise and quality customer service, but also from Combe’s proven and irreplaceable experience, resulting from ten decades of continuous activity across all sectors of the industry.

It is our privilege to be able to execute our clients’ ventures. Thus, each and every one of our clients’ tasks is handled with extreme importance and sensitivity, by our hundreds of devoted employees, day and night, for one hundred consecutive years.

מערכות צנרת והנדסה | קומבה

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