Our History

Combe was founded in 1922, in Berlin, Germany  by Hubert Combe. Combe’s rich company history is deeply entwined with the Combe unique family history and as a result, the Combe Company shares the Combe Family characteristics of passion and devotion.​

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מסמכי מפעל קומבה

Over 95 years ago, Combe Family underwent a complete conversion process to set its roots in Israel and establish the Combe Company. As a professional and innovative engineering contractor, Combe set out to be a leader in quality and performance, while supporting Israel’s developing industry.​

Combe Family has a strong set of values, which in turn laid the cornerstones for Combe foundation and shaped The Company core values. Combe Family believes that being a part of the Jewish people is much more than customs and holidays. It is living in Israel and proactively contributing to Israel’s people on a daily basis.​

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מפעל קומבה בשנות ה 80

With these believes in their hearts, half of Combe Family immigrated to Israel. They arrived to Hadera, then a distant and undeveloped city, purchased land and built the Combe Headquarters along with a vast industrial facility, which in fact, would later become the Industrial Park of North Hadera. ​

The city of Hadera has recognized Hubert Combe’s important contribution to the development and empowerment of Hadera and its Industry, by naming the main street of the industrial park after him – Combe Street.​

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Hubert Combe settled in the city of Hadera during the early 80s. Back then, the city was very remote, underdeveloped and had no adequate infrastructure but Hubert had a vision. He invested everything he had to raise a strong corporation and lead the piping installation industry in Israel. He did so based on extensive knowledge, training, education and collaborations with international specialists, along with years of know-how and technology accumulated by the Combe Family through its activity in Europe.  

In a few years from now, Combe will celebrate its 100 birthday, which is a testimonial of The Company long journey.  With determination and close guidance, Combe’s four family generations have persisted to pass on The Company legacy to the next generation – the legacy of strength, stability and perseverance – to overcome all obstacles – to expand and thrive.

Over the years, Combe has endured worldwide history changing events. These were the years of World War II, dozens of economic crises, political climate shifts and rapidly growing technology innovations, which had a strong impact on all sectors and industries. Generations of loyalty, commitment and unrivalled quality performance have kept our Company strong, steady and robust, ready to take on present and future challenges.

Our loyal and persistent employees, who have tied their faith with the Company throughout the years, are at the core of Combe long lasting stability and are its blessing. They are the driving force that supports and executes all Company tasks and obligations. Many of our employees have chosen to grow with us and build families of their own. Second-generation employees are our pride and we are fully committed to them and their families. Combe’s goal is to continue and invest in its employees as it has done for many years, through technical and professional training, as well as, education and exposure to new technologies. We encourage our employees’ growth, enthusiasm and motivation by offering satisfying career paths up the leadership ladder within the Company. 

Our people, the Combe Family together with Combe employees, seek to gain diversified technical capabilities in order to respond to our clients’ needs and develop new capabilities to preserve the Company lean and efficient virtues, while striving to be constantly worthy of our clients’ trust and loyalty.

Anyone can be an expert in a single industrial field.

Combe is the only company, in the Israeli market, able to provide professional solutions for all types of industrial piping systems; Hospitals, energy rooms, food factories, pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, microelectronics, operating rooms, infrastructure, power plants, natural gas, water treatment, fire detection and extinguishing systems.

Our Projects ​

“In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company’s project sites.

Our reputation of unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to strive, dare and constantly improve every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations.

Our Capabilities​

Quality and Safety​

Combe is committed to ensure high standards of safety management and regulations for both employees and clients.

Quality control and auditing of planning and execution procedures are regularly performed in accordance with the project-specific system type, as well as full coordination and collaboration with the client.

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