Production Lines & Factory Relocation

Disassembly, lift, relocation and re-assembly of industrial equipment and mechanical parts.


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TEVA logistics center, The Alliance Tire Company

Production Lines & Factory Relocation


A great deal of any facility success depends on its ability to generate constant and uninterrupted flow of quality production, on-time.
Changes, improvements, updates, reparations and adjustment of equipment and production lines present, not only a management, but also a financial and engineering challenge to manufacturers across all sectors.
This is when Combe comes into action, equipped with years of industry experience and professional teams at your service. From paying-attention-to-details dismantling, careful handling of all parts and equipment, transportation and relocation, to precise re-assembly and re-installation, Combe uses advanced and accurate means of technology throughout the process to ensure employee safety and equipment integrity. Combe brings production lines relocation to completion and back on track in a timely fashion and in full cooperation with all relevant factory departments.
Combes diverse scope of capabilities enables it to provide wide range of projects and tasks, including heavy-duty manufacturing and fabrication of steel constructions, all under one roof of quality, flexibility and experience. 
Your facility requirements for changes and upgrades, is our professional opportunity to put our expertise and capabilities to work.

Combe is committed to ensure high standards of safety management and regulations for both employees and clients.

Quality control and auditing of planning and execution procedures are regularly performed in accordance with the project-specific system type, as well as full coordination and collaboration with the client. Read more >


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