KAMADA Pharmaceuticals Infrastructure 




KAMA Building

Fire Protection and Plumbing Piping Systems and all associated pipework  

KAMADA Pharmaceuticals Infrastructure



KAMADA High Quality Pharmaceuticals – KAMA BUILDING

Infrastructure and construction work, as well as installation of piping systems, sanitation, fire protection and sprinklers flame suppression systems.

The job consisted of three parts:



Manufacturing and assembly of electric boards

Manufacturing and installation of fire detection and suppression systems.

The project workmanship included; network of ductwork suspended from the ceiling across the main area of the logistics room, as well as electrical work, such as: air conditioning - layout of electrical cable ladder, spread across the building roof (execution at high altitudes), power and light spots. In addition, Combe performed power supply installation across walls and ceilings, lighting fixtures installation and service ductwork throughout the rooms.   

“In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company’s project sites.

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