Combe has been active in this field for years and played a vital role in every significant microelectronics production project, all over Israel.

Microelectronics Manufacturing Environments


Combe understands the complexity, as well as, the stringent requirements of microelectronics manufacturing environments, and are at all times equipped to meet the highest industry standards.

As a major contractor in the sector for decades, Combe has played a significant role in every large scale project and facility in Israel. 

At any given moment, Combe is engaged in building and improving modern, innovative and sophisticated manufacturing systems, powering wide range of manufacturing processes, from controlled cleanrooms to highly sensitive and delicate industry hubs.

Our installation procedures incorporate only the top quality building materials, equipment and piping, all of which are handled with the most dedicated and meticulous care, from purchase, through transportation to storage and installation.

Combe owns orbital welding equipment and advanced top-of-the-industry machinery in order to execute the most complex projects with precision.

Combe also holds clean storage and warehouse facilities with modern cleanrooms and utmost professional team of experts, combined to perform UHP piping fabrication, as well as deliver high quality production, turnkey assembly and installation of tube systems for every industry. Our experienced staff adheres to time table efficiency, budget accuracy, quality control and uncompromising safety regulations, which are the cornerstones of Combe’s long lasting activity from foundation until today.The Company high reputation places Combe in the vibrant heart of the industry as a leader in its field.  

Quality control and auditing of planning and execution procedures are regularly performed in accordance with the project-specific system type, as well as full coordination and collaboration with the client. Read more >


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