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Meeting pressed schedule  expectations Process systems and production lines erections for the overall food treatment sector, including; process piping, heavy-duty equipment, energy systems and production support systems. 

Yavne Pickles Facroty


The “Yavne Pickles” factory handles production and packaging of pickled products; olives, cucumbers, eggplants and more.

A new factory was built to replace the existing one. The project in question included construction of a new production line for the newly built facility.

Activation of the new production line is expected to retire the old facroty and transfer all production lines to the new facility.

Combe role in this massive project included supply, construction and installation of all process piping systems, amongst others; various levels of salted and treated water, concentrated vinegar, salt solutions, process water, extracts, compressed air, steam and more.

Work operation included; transportation, delivery and assembly of all process piping, as well as, installation of equipment, pumps, tanks, and systematic layout connectivity of all sorts, from food piping, through black piping to steam systems and up to process piping (PP).

Project Timeline: 12 months, including quality control testing, live testing and additional work. 

An on-site workshop was established in order to conduct pre-fabrication, testing, and provide support to the 4 assembly teams emplaced, according to the piping system types.

Combe supplied full range of all necessary piping system materials and equipment.  

Challenges met: meeting strict and pressing schedule expectations. The short cucumbers picking season left no room for schedule flexibility.

 In the near future, Combe is to begin the disassembly, relocation and assembly of the production lines from the old facility to the new.

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