Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center


Ramat Gan Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center


Ramat Gan, Israel

Most advanced energy rooms construction

The work in this project was parallel to the Center’s ongoing daily operation. 




Sanitation at the Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center 


The Ramat Gan Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment Center is a unique project. A new building was built within the existing compound alongside with the already active and operating Center.  

The existing and the new building are connected and in fact, the new building is an extension of the existing one.  Almost 25% of the new building is allocated for safe rooms (Mamad), dedicated for patients and medical staff. 

Combe was responsible for deactivating the existing water supply systems and construction of new systems that would provide water for both buildings, new and old. To do so, Combe upgraded the piping system located in the building’s shaft and connected the old building to the newly constructed water supply system. 

Combe installed the most advanced state of the art hot water system including; Chlorine Dioxide System, (PP) Polypropylene Piping System, Electrolysis System and hot water pumps.  

Combe is a privately owned family corporation. For ten straight decades we have successfully  provided turnkey solutions for the overall piping industry, including, planning, design, management, and execution of large-scale projects, as well as construction of sophisticated piping systems and innovative Read more >


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