Naara Medical Center


N.A.R.A Medical Center


Afula, Israel

N.A.R.A Medical Center is a private hospital, specializing in advanced surgery procedures

Fast and safe execution in a non-interruptive environment – overnight work. 

Naara Medical Center



N.A.R.A Medical Center is a large privately owned hospital with some of the most renowned technology and medical staff to perform advanced surgery procedures.

Within the scope of this project, Combe built 7 operating rooms, 3 hospitalization rooms and a vast preparatory room. 

The time table was very pressing, which required fast and efficient organization, as well as coordination between a significant number of employees and equipment.

Combe installed various gas systems, including; vacuum, centralized oxygen, air and ventilation systems, nitrous, anesthetic, gas waste and evacuation. In addition, water systems were established; RO and softened water, chlorination system, pressure booster system, sprinklers fraction systems, automated fire extinguishing system.

Project Timeline: 6 months to completion. Executed within a live and operating medical center, thus, to avoid interrupting the staff and patients as much as possible, the majority of the work was done overnight, including connectivity to existing systems.   

Combe is a privately owned family corporation. For ten straight decades we have successfully  provided turnkey solutions for the overall piping industry, including, planning, design, management, and execution of large-scale projects, as well as construction   Read more >


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