Design and Engineering Assist 


Combe uses cutting-edge and innovative software technologies to provide turn-key planning to execution solutions.


Design and

Engineering Assist 


Precision is an essential component in quality engineering systems of all types.Combe manages a fully equipped technical and engineering layout, using most advanced technologies for planning, monitor and execution; CAD, BIM, REVIT and additional 3D modeling tools.We integrate most cutting-edge technologies available to provide modern and innovative engineering planning and design, while generating a real added value to our customers;


Pre-fabrication of piping spools

System coordination and clash prevention of elements during installation

Various formats of modeling and representation tools, prior to execution

Up-scale manufacturing and execution efficiency – detect early production elements.


Even the best software technologies are nothing more than another means for our experienced engineers to tailor each product to the customer, according to their specific needs and requirements. 




Combe is committed to ensure high standards of safety management and regulations for both employees and clients.

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Quality & Safety​​

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