Dental Clinics


Dental Clinics

All over the country

System rooms construction – heated and chilled water

Piping Fabrication - centralized oxygen, compressed air, nitrous 

Dental Clinics


Combe established dozens of dental clinics spread all over the country, including clients such as; Clalit, Maccabi, and Meuhedet Healthe Services.

To complete the clinics in record time, labor and preparation work had to be done in advance and off-site.

Combe carried out medical systems including; heated and chilled water, medical gas supply systems of oxygen and nitrous, vacuum, medical liquids suction system, as well as technical and fire protection systems; sprinklers and fire hydrants.  

The Tel Aviv University Dental Clinic contracted Combe to build 10 treatment rooms and 2 operating rooms. The scope of work included supply lines, warning boards and more.  

Combe is a privately owned family corporation. For ten straight decades we have successfully  provided turnkey solutions for the overall piping industry, including, planning, design, management, and execution of large-scale projects, as well as construction    Read more >


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