Dagan Flour Mills Erection 



Ashdod, Israel

Production Factory Erection

Innovative Production Lines Layout

Equipment Installation, Process Systems, Energy Systems, Production Lines and Supporting Systems 

Dagan Flour Mills Erection 


A Production Factory of various sorts of flours and wheat by-product.

The project included; new production lines construction within an existing facility, packaging system line installation within a newly constructed facility, wheat storage and incoming supply system in a silo structure.

Activation of the new production line would set in motion the retirement process of the old facility and require transfer of production lines to the new facility. Combe role in this massive project was; entire equipment installation and production piping systems fabrication. Equipment handled included amongst other; sieves, grinders, tanks and containers, weighing equipment, conveyors, elevators, etc., in addition to process piping systems such as; pneumatic conveying piping, handling and dropping material tubes, air suction, compressed air and water piping system.

Work operation included; transportation, delivery and assembly of all equipment, as well as, installation, fabrication and assembly of all piping systems and layouts

Project Timeline: 8 months, including quality control testing and live testi

An on-site workshop was established in order to conduct pre-fabrication and testing, as well as provide support to the 8 assembly teams emplaced, according to the piping system types

Challenges met: management of a large and professionally diverse staff, widely spread across the facility and within a very tight schedule.

Fully cooperated and closely supervised by the equipment manufacturer, BUHLER, Switzerland.

.As of February 2017, the factory production is at full capacity


 "In a hundred years from now, I want anyone looking at a piping system installed by Combe to know that top-level professionals were here” - Hubert Combe in his many visits at the company’s project sites.

Our reputation for unrivalled quality and safety is obligating. We are committed to strive, dare and constantly improve every aspect to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing market and meet our clients’ expectations.

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